In 2012 designer Andrea Reschia founded and launched her eponymous shoe brand Reschia, and 2012 is also the year the Rugged Boot was released, as part of the brand’s very first collection and vision: to create shoes with a strong signature shape. This particular style would go on to become a staple in Reschia history: the solid foundation of the ever growing Rugged collection.

Andrea Reschia Rugged CollectionThe Rugged Boot is Reschia signature style, immediately recognizable by its leather-covered platform and strong yet clean shapes. Its appeal reached both the style savvy and the general public, making it one of Reschia most beloved styles since the very beginning. Seen with the most forward fashion brands and on the feet of those always daring, the Rugged quickly made a name for itself. It came only natural to make it a fixture, a permanent addition to the Reschia lineup.

Reschia x Yajun NYFW FW18

Reschia for Yajun FW18 New York Fashion Week

Named after its first iconic style, the Rugged Collection is the expression of Reschia commitment to superior design with an everlasting quality, excellent craftsmanship and unexpected materials. The Rugged collection is, in all, a bold exploration of form, function and texture. New style variations are thoughtfully added to the collection, to build a stronger lineup not only in terms of materials and colors, but also to research and find new shapes. 

Pieces that will last a lifetime are at the core of the Rugged Collection. This permanent collection of everlasting styles celebrates the long relationship between the shoe and its wearer, and the underlying aspect of sustainability that characterizes such relationships. Reschia commitment to shoes that will withstand the test of time is fully embodied by the Rugged Collection.

Rugged Boot ReschiaAndrea describes her design process as being heavily influenced by an interest she has taken in three-dimensional design, an affinity to industrial design. “Build the best sole” is a recurring theme, and the Rugged Collection is the living proof of this idea. The statement platform sole has a clean look, but a closer look will reveal an impressive amount of detail and craftsmanship. And the signature leather-covered platform is also the starting point for the entire Rugged Collection. That’s how new Rugged styles emerge: the Zip and Rugged Shoe, followed by the Rugged Loafer. Ever-growing, the Collection is updated at each release.

Rugged Collection Reschia


The design of the Rugged is heightened by a smart use of different textures and colors, which are introduced at every new launch. The collection has seen everything from the classic Grained leather to Verniz, a patent leather with a vintage look, to leather embossed to recreate the feel of exotic materials. Deep hues of brown, taupe and blacks are a staple of the Collection.

The Rugged Collection has walked down runways, stepped onto planes and explored new cities. Projected into the future while paying homage to its roots, the Rugged Collection is here to stay.


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