Crafted from the finest Italian-sourced leather and handmade, each pair of Reschia shoes is unique. We believe that longevity is one of the most valuable quality of our shoes. Proper care will make possible for you to enjoy your new shoes to the fullest, and guarantee their long life. Your Reschia shoes will age beautifully over time.


First of all, all leather shoes require a period of time to break in, and achieve the perfect fit. The break in softer leather such as nappa is quicker, but tougher leather such as our brushed (spazzolato) needs more time to expand and take the shape of your feet.

Before caring for your Reschia shoes, remove any dust and dirt with a soft brush or a clean, dry cloth. After that use your favorite care product for your shoes, and gently work it into the leather with a dry cloth, and finish it off by buffing the surface with a natural bristle brush. Allow for the shoes to dry and fully absorb the care product away from direct sunlight.

We recommend using a black cream with our black leather, to maintain the deep black hue of our shoes. Make sure to clean and treat also the leather covering the platform of the Rugged collection.

Certain leathers are more delicate than others. To achieve their distinctive look, metallic leathers have a foil impressed on a layer of treated leather. This makes metallic leathers especially susceptible to wear and require extra care, as contact with a rough surface may cause damage to the finish.

Our shoes can be treated with suitable water repellent products (before proceeding, please check compatibility of the product with the type of leather you are going to treat).

For more information about finding the perfect fit, please go to this page.