Durango: a Tribute to the Gaucho

It is from the unique lifestyle of the Gaucho, rooted in the proud tradition of Argentina, that Creative Director Andrea Reschia drew the inspiration for the Durango line. “The Gauchos have been long celebrated in South America, admired for their unruly soul and exceptional attire. The Durango is Reschia’s tribute to that soul, its innate elegance and dignity” Andrea tells when showcasing the Durango. A subtle, minimalistic interpretation of the traditional gaucho footwear, paying a modern tribute to one of Argentina’s most beloved figures. Hand-crafted in Italy from supple nappa leather the Durango collection is set on a leg-lengthening wedge and features a sharp elongated toe. The Durango, like the fierce horsemen and women that rule the Pampas, is destined to become an icon on its own.

Durango Boot Reschia


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