Filippa, To Get Her.

Meet the women of To Get Her the Reschia film, in a free flow of thoughts. 

She lives and breathes words, she is a traveler seizing the moment, she is an all-around Scandinavian muse.

This is Filippa.


My most marked charecteristc?
Probably my height?

The word or phrase I most overuse?
No worries

My most treasured possession?
My dear dog Fisher

The one place I’d most like to live?
Paris – I’m working on it…

My favorite heroine in real life and in fiction?
Loulou de la Falaise and Patsy Stone

When I think about Reschia what’s the first thing to come to my mind?
Texture and Andrea’s passionate persona.

My favorite Reschia style and why?
the Filippa sandal – it’s named after me!


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Filippa Berg To Get Her a Reschia Film by Freshteh

Filippa wears the Rugged Boot Zip in To Get Her

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