Meet the woman behind To Get Her: Freshteh.

Meet the woman behind To Get Her: Freshteh.

To Get Her, a film by Freshteh for Reschia

Beside being a film director to keep an eye on, Freshteh is many things. Her wanderlust goes hand in hand with her love for waves to ride, being an avid surfer. Originally from Iran, Freshteh was brought up in Sweden, where she now works with the iconic B-Reel Films after perfecting her craft with a MA in Film at Sydney College of Arts. Her cinematographic style shows her talent as a director of contrasts, and this is clearly shown in the short movie she directed for Reschia Fall/Winter campaign.




First thing first, how did you come up with the concept for To Get Her? And why the title?

I always draw inspiration from life, both my own and society around me. While I was working on this film “Me too” was at a high point. Everywhere I turned, I saw women from different walks of life coming together as a joint force . “To Get Her”, stands for sisterhood and the power of the togetherness I feel increasing between women. And how this is only the beginning of things to come.


How did Reschia collections and the universe around the brand inspire you for this movie?

Firstly, anyone who’s met Andrea knows what an inspiring person she is, which gave the collab an easy start. And the fact that the brand chooses to go beyond the norm of always using models and instead choosing real women, stands to me for authenticity and power. Which you clearly see in the collection. To also defy consumerism and have iconic styles that return season after season with lasting quality. That´s a confident force to be reckoned with!


And on a personal level, how do you incorporate Reschia into your wardrobe?

Anytime and everywhere. You can easily dress them up or down. I’ve been wearing them to the opera, as well as on set while shooting long days and just this weekend at Gagnef Festival, where we spent loong dusty days together (laughs).


Your works shows your eagerness to break barriers, how did you incorporate this drive into To Get Her?

I like to break the wall between film and other mediums, art, poetry, even politics.
The film is very inspired by one particular line that is a bit unclear who coined. But it’s partly from “Poem for South African Women” by June Jordan, and also a book with the same title by Alice Walker.
This line has been following me for quite a few years. And while just browsing the news while I was working on the film, I saw some women with a sign that read that line during the Womens March. I knew then that it needed to be in the film as it really embodied what I was trying to capture with the film. “We are the ones we have been waiting for” !!!


The dynamic between the women in To Get Her is magnetic, captivating. Can you tell us more about the casting, which made this dynamic possible?

I choose women I admire, who I know in different ways and feel are captivating. Some knew each other, and some didn’t, which was a planned mix, to get that reflection of what I saw in society and women coming together no matter what.


While working on To Get Her you shared on your Instagram a candid shot taken on set, bringing up the topic of women in film-making, and the need to celebrate and empower those who choose this path. How did you become involved in the field? And if you were to give your younger self and girls that age a piece of advice, what would it be?

I knew when I was 9 that I was going to be a director. My mother told me about a film that inspired me so much, that I knew that if I want to change anything for the better, it would be through inspiring films. I’m a sucker for beauty that I find in imperfection, that I find is more alive than perfection.
In terms of advice, I would say, whatever you want to do, you just go for it and the universe will place you where you want to be. Work hard (not to hard) and it will land in your lap!
It sounds like magic, but it’s total trueness!


To finish off, let’s take a look at the future: tell us about your next big project.

I have a feature documentary I’m doing a pilot for at the moment, and planning on shooting upcoming years. Which involves me getting to surf with other women in Iran. wiih!
And I also just signed with an amazing production company in the UK called Park Village, which is super exciting! So exciting times ahead!


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