A Story of Excellence: How Reschia shoes are made

Discover how your Reschia shoes come to life:

meet the people that make it possible



Superior design, highest-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship are elements true to Reschia’s DNA. Designer & Founder Andrea Reschia immediately felt it was crucial to find someone who shared the same values and drive, someone up to the task of bringing her design vision to life.



Where tradition meets state of the art technology: Italian shoemaking

In Montopoli, a small town overseeing the Arno valley in the pittoresque region of Tuscany in Italy, a tight-knit team of skilled artisans work together, combining Italian traditional shoemaking with state of the art machinery. Moreno and Lorella and their three sons, run this family business. Their work is renowned worldwide, and they produce exclusive luxury footwear for some of the most relevant fashion houses.

Lorella and her Team, with Durango Boot

Family values and teamwork

A group of 27 dedicated people make this possible. The feeling that you get when you work with them truly is that of a big family. On the top floor of the airy and light-filled structure the development team works to adapt Reschia designs to production patterns, and test the materials that will ensure both function and design.

Meanwhile, on the production line located on the spacious ground floor, the shoes begin to take shape. Impeccably neat and organized, the production team makes sure that each hand-finished step leads seamlessly to the next. All members of the team are focused on their individual task, a skill that took years to perfection. It’s a meticulous job that only a few can do, and even a minor mistake can compromise the end result. Therefore, teamwork becomes fundamental. Traditional craftsmanship powered by state of the art technology make this incredible process possible.

You can always spot Lorella working along her team, overseeing the production line with an attentive eye. She’s often busy helping in whoever is in need of her assistance, as she knows how every step works. However busy, she will never fail to greet you with a smile. Lorella takes great pride in passing along her impressive know-how, the result of many years in the industry.


Made in Italy

Her husband Moreno, who has as well spent his entire professional life working in the footwear industry, always speaks with great passion and pride about his job. Because of his many years in the industry, Moreno has built an impressive network. This gives him access to the best local tanneries, who produce the highest quality Tuscan leather. All parts used for Reschia shoes are sourced in Italy, says Moreno proudly. Because of the high quality of each material and component selected by Moreno and the care that Lorella and her team put in each pair of shoes, Reschia shoes will undoubtedly withstand the proof of time and age beautifully.

A story of excellence

Excellence is what sets apart the work of Lorella, Moreno and their team.  The excellence of a family devoted to staying true to their values, uncompromising. Devoting their time to bringing customers products that exceed their expectations, without fail. This is the work that goes behind every pair of Reschia shoes.

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