Achieving the perfect fit is a priority when purchasing a pair of shoes, and it also is a priority to us as a designer shoe brand.

Before breaking in your new pair of Reschia shoes, check if any part of your feet rubs against the lining. If it does, consider placing a layer of moleskin to avoid blistering. If you notice that the back of your heel is rubbing, try adding a heel insole with an height between 3 and 5 millimeters. When wearing platform styles such as the Rugged Boot, some people find it beneficial to add a heel-stopper to the back of the shoe.

Not all leathers are made equal. Some types of leather will require a longer break-in time. As a rule of thumb, the tougher the leather, the longer the break-in will be. Our Grained and Nappa leather are particularly supple, and should take the shape of your feet after just a few uses. On the other side, our Brushed is on the tougher side and requires more work to break in.

For more information about the care of Reschia shoes, please visit this this page.