To Women

At Reschia we design with women in mind. We believe that our design should be powerful and empowering at the same time, appealing to women from all walks of life and support them in each and every step they take. We believe in inclusion, we find beauty in diversity.

It is our strongest wish to be able to reflect and incorporate the inspiration that the women who chose to wear our shoes give us on a daily basis.  The women who wear our shoes are an endless source of inspiration, an incomparable motivation that keeps our creativity and sense of purpose high.

Today, in particular, we choose to celebrate the Reschia Woman. A Woman with integrity, who finds beauty in the most unexpected places, and who wishes to bring her unique vision to this world. A Woman who always finds the best in every situation, and does her best regardless. Who is not afraid to stand out, and to stand for what she believes in. But above all, a Woman who is herself, without compromise.

We wish to celebrate this special day with some of our favorite Reschia Women, to thank them for their continuous support. Here is to them.

Nikeisha Andersson Reschia Rugged Boot

Nikeisha Andersson, Film Director @nikeishaandersson

Vera Vitali Rugged Boot Verniz

Vera Vitali, Actor

Efva Attling Rugged Boot White

Efva Attling, Designer @efvaattling 

Freshteh Piltan Rugged Boot White

Freshteh Piltan, Film Director @rocknrollisdead

Linda Pira Rugged Net

Linda Pira, Hip Hop Artist @lindapira

Natalia Brzezinski Rugged Shoe

Natalia Brzezinski, CEO at Brilliant Minds, Symposium Stockholm @nataliabrzezinski



Andrea Reschia Frances Sandal

Andrea Reschia, Reschia Founder and Creative Director